Replica rose and freesia bouquet

Replica bouquet of silk roses and freesias

When Kerry first contacted me at the end of January she sent some really great photos of her wedding bouquet. I thought this is a bouquet I would really like to try and reproduce, it was so lovely, as seen here on the left.

But artificial flowers are more limited in their colours, shapes and sizes. Searching through the websites of my usual wholesalers, the roses were either the right colour but the wrong size or the right shape but the wrong colour – very frustrating!

Not willing to be defeated next I searched the general internet. At last I found some roses to show Kerry, she was happy for me to go ahead and order them directly from Hong Kong!

Once the roses arrived I ordered the Freesias from my local wholesaler as usual, not knowing that within a few days it would be closed because of Covid-19 and I had ordered them just in time.

I proceeded with the construction of the replica bouquet (right image), by this time we were all in lockdown and Kerry said it was nice to have something lovely to look forward to.

On receiving the bouquet Kerry sent me this brilliant review – “Thank you so much for my beautiful bouquet Sharon. I really wanted a replica, initially thinking it might be impossible. But luckily I found Cooper floral design who were not going to be beaten. Sharon managed to find what looked like replicas, but we could not be sure until they arrived. They turned out to be perfect and my husband and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. I highly recommend Cooper Floral Design, not just for the finished product but also for the outstanding service throughout. Many, many thanks.”

Thank you Kerry, I hope you enjoy your silk bouquet for many years to come x

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