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passion4photos a wedding bouquet

Photographs of your bouquet on your wedding day

Your wedding day can go by in a blur of excitement, with little time to stop and really take in everything around you. This is where a good photographer is worth his/her weight in gold.  Capturing all those details and fleeting moments that make your day special and keeping them for you to enjoy for years to come.

When thinking about the images you want your photographer to take, don’t forget to include a few close-ups of your bridal bouquet. They will show the beautiful details of the flowers you specifically chose for your bouquet.

If your bouquet is made from real flowers the best time would be early in the day whilst the flowers are still fresh and undamaged or wilted. Of course, if you choose an artificial flower bouquet it will look beautiful all day long!

Although I take all my own bouquet photos for my website, I wanted a professional’s opinion on taking photographs of a bridal bouquet on the actual wedding day. So I contacted Matt, from Passion 4 Photos, who has many years experience taking beautiful photos of weddings around the south west, and a jolly nice chap too! We had a lovely chat about photographing  bridal bouquets. And the wildlife around his home area which also happens to be where my husband and I own a small piece of woodland!

Fortunately, Matt had time to photograph one of my bouquets at his home to illustrate his style. Showing how he personalises an image and how different compositions highlight the flowers.

“Ideally, I will carefully take the bridal bouquet to photograph when it first arrives.”  Matt told me. “Maybe whilst the bride is busy with the first stages of her makeup, when she doesn’t want to be photographed!”

“When photographing things like bouquets, shoes, details etc. I always try to find some nice light and cool backgrounds. I like textures and patterns.”

Wedding bouquet on stone floor

Bridal bouquet in dappled shade

Silk bouquet on wooden floor“And incorporate personal things into the photo. It could be jewellery, a photo of the couple, lace detail of the dress, etc.” Here he placed the bouquet on a tree stump with a romantic heart, and next to a cute little hedgehog. Not a real hedgehog, though he does rehabilitate them and has three young ones in his garage!

Bouquet with personal item

With a mixed colour bouquet such as this, a simple background is most effective. But even with a cluttered background Matt took a beautiful photo, cropping it close and reducing the depth of field to isolate the bouquet from the background.

cooper floral design wedding bouquet

Your beautiful bouquet is an important part of your special day and worthy of a photo or two all by itself. Choose a simple background and let the flowers shine. 

Many thanks to Matt for his time and taking such super photos of my bouquet.

Matt photographs weddings, micro-weddings and elopements in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. His photos tend to lean towards being as natural as possible and he loves to bring the countryside, scenery and flowers into his photos. Of course there are oodles of beautiful images on Matt’s website and full details on how to contact him.

Hand painted replica calla lilies

Hand painted Calla Lilies for Replica Bouquet

Silk flowers are becoming more and more realistic, no longer cheap and nasty in gaudy colours and simplified shapes. But even with the great advances made in recent years there is still a limit to the varieties available.

Fresh flowers come in many subtle colours and combinations that you just don’t find in artificial flowers, which makes replicating wedding bouquets such a challenge.

When Katie asked if I could replicate her lovely bridal bouquet I knew it was going to be a real challenge. Her fresh Calla lilies, called ‘Picasso’, were a combination of creamy white with burgundy centres; beautiful but unavailable as artificial flowers. After considering a pure white and plum flower only available directly from China, we decided to go with plan B!

Plan B was to take inspiration from the Calla’s name, Picasso, and paint the burgundy part onto a plain Calla flower. But even that was a challenge! The first flower I tried was made of latex and reacted badly to the paint. it absorbed the paint and changing its colour. I tried a different paint, but that wouldn’t dry, so I ordered a different type of Calla. Finally everything came together, the paint was stable and the flowers were complete. I was pleased with the result and proud to have created a replica bouquet (right) so similar to the original (left).

The extra effort was all worth it when Katie received her bouquet and was so delighted with it – “Thank you so much to Sharon for my beautiful wedding bouquet replica! I cannot praise Sharon highly enough. Her communication was fantastic, keeping me posted all the way along the process and her attention to detail is flawless! Thank you again!”

White rose and purple freesia replica bouquet

Replica bouquet birthday gift

A replica wedding bouquet makes a wonderful and thoughtful gift for a birthday or anniversary. A present that will last forever and a lovely reminder of their special day.

Chris ordered his wife a replica of her beautiful rose and freesia bridal bouquet for her birthday. Chris said “She absolutely loved it!”

Contemporary calla lily bouquet

Contemporary Calla lily wedding bouquet

Reminiscing back to one of my first weddings. And what a wedding it was! Very contemporary and architectural with white Calla lilies and large leaves in tall glass cylinder vases for the tables. Over arm Calla lily bouquets with bead details for the bridesmaids. Rolled leaf and hanging Calla lily buttonholes and a bridal bouquet with a real wow factor!

When I started my floristry business I worked with fresh flowers and loved creating unique contemporary designs. Nina was one of my first clients and I was thrilled to help her realise her wedding flower dreams. Her bouquet was especially striking with 15 mango Calla lilies attached to hand beaded wires and a handle of lager beads. It took many hours to make but the effect was amazing!

I now work with artificial flowers which are even easier to design with and make into unique contemporary bouquets and arrangements, all with the added benefit of lasting forever.

Artificial meadow flowers in jars

Summer meadow flower in jars

When lockdown is over and things start to get back to normal, whatever that is? What could be nicer than an outdoor party with summer meadow flowers in jars to decorate your table.

These simple but beautiful jars full of artificial meadow flowers look so summery and inviting. They would also look lovely on the tables at a festival themed wedding and make great gifts for your guests.

Silk flowers are ideal for wedding table centres, either simple like these or as larger displays as shown on my arrangements page.

Replica rose and freesia bouquet

Replica bouquet of silk roses and freesias

When Kerry first contacted me at the end of January she sent some really great photos of her wedding bouquet. I thought this is a bouquet I would really like to try and reproduce, it was so lovely, as seen here on the left.

But artificial flowers are more limited in their colours, shapes and sizes. Searching through the websites of my usual wholesalers, the roses were either the right colour but the wrong size or the right shape but the wrong colour – very frustrating!

Not willing to be defeated next I searched the general internet. At last I found some roses to show Kerry, she was happy for me to go ahead and order them directly from Hong Kong!

Once the roses arrived I ordered the Freesias from my local wholesaler as usual, not knowing that within a few days it would be closed because of Covid-19 and I had ordered them just in time.

I proceeded with the construction of the replica bouquet (right image), by this time we were all in lockdown and Kerry said it was nice to have something lovely to look forward to.

On receiving the bouquet Kerry sent me this brilliant review – “Thank you so much for my beautiful bouquet Sharon. I really wanted a replica, initially thinking it might be impossible. But luckily I found Cooper floral design who were not going to be beaten. Sharon managed to find what looked like replicas, but we could not be sure until they arrived. They turned out to be perfect and my husband and I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. I highly recommend Cooper Floral Design, not just for the finished product but also for the outstanding service throughout. Many, many thanks.”

Thank you Kerry, I hope you enjoy your silk bouquet for many years to come x

Spring silk flowers window display

A window of artificial spring flowers

It’s always a great pleasure to supply the flowers for Not Just Brides window display. This lovely wedding boutique is located opposite the old Market Place in Westbury and has a wonderful range of bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses and gentlemen’s suits to hire.

The silk bouquet contains yellow and white daffodils, blue Forget-me-nots, white blossom and bright fern leaves. The vase arrangement also contains daffodils, with Forsythia and Maidenhair fern. The matching buttonhole is pinned to one of Not Just Brides handsome waistcoats.

White silk wedding bouquets

White and green wedding bouquets

Whilst placing the bouquets on the windowsill for this photo I dropped the bridesmaid’s bouquet right on it’s head! If it had been made of real flowers it would have been a total disaster, with crushed petals and broken heads. But the artificial flowers just bounced and carried on looking perfect 🙂

These beautiful white artificial bouquets are ready for the Lanes Wedding Fair on 1st March, organised by When We Wed.

Bridal bouquet of ivory roses, Lily-of-the-valley, apple blossom, Freesia and Tweedia with fern leaves. Bridesmaid’s bouquet of ivory roses, Lily-of-the-valley and Tweedia with fern leaves, and small child’s bouquet of rose buds, apple blossom and ferns.

There will also be matching buttonholes and table arrangements on display at the wedding fair.

I’m looking forward to chatting to lots of lovely couples about their wedding flower dreams and showing them just how beautiful silk flowers can be (and robust!).

Sunny silk wedding bouquet

Sunny silk wedding bouquet

The sun is shining and from my kitchen window I can see hazel catkins swaying in the gentle breeze against the clear blue sky and the first daffodils are starting to appear in my garden. It’s a lovely day, spring like, though we could still see proper winter weather for many weeks to come yet.

So on this sunny day I decided my blog and social media needed a little sunshine too!

I made this bouquet a few years ago as a wedding fair display sample – it contains artificial hazel catkins and leaves, yellow daffodils, tulips and ranunculus, with a yellow paper detail.

The bouquet and matching buttonhole caught Emma and Neil’s eye at the wedding fair and they ordered them along with four smaller bridesmaids bouquets and eight buttonholes. Although their wedding was in the middle of summer they still loved the spring flowers and just replaced the tulips with buttercups and a few yellow daisies. You can see more photos on the Real Weddings page.

The mixture of spring flowers and foliage with summer flowers looked lovely and only possible because artificial flowers are available all year round, allowing you to have whatever flower and colour you like no matter the season.