Hand painted replica calla lilies

Hand painted Calla Lilies for replica bouquet

Silk flowers are becoming more and more realistic, no longer cheap and nasty in gaudy colours and simplified shapes. But even with the great advances made in recent years there is still a limit to the varieties available.

Fresh flowers come in many subtle colours and combinations that you just don’t find in artificial flowers, which makes replicating wedding bouquets such a challenge.

When Katie asked if I could replicate her lovely bouquet I knew it was going to be a real challenge. Her Calla lilies, called ‘Picasso’, were a combination of creamy white with burgundy centres; beautiful but unavailable as artificial flowers. After considering a pure white and plum flower only available directly from China, we decided to go with plan B!

Plan B was to take inspiration from the Calla’s name, Picasso, and paint the burgundy part onto a plain flower. But even that was a challenge! The first flower I tried was made of latex and reacted badly to the paint, absorbing it and changing colour. I tried a different paint, but that wouldn’t dry, so I ordered a different type of Calla. Finally everything came together, the paint was stable and the flowers were complete. I was pleased with the result and proud to have created a replica bouquet (right) so similar to the original (left).

The extra effort was all worth it when Katie received her bouquet and was so delighted with it.  “Thank you so much to Sharon for my beautiful wedding bouquet replica! I cannot praise Sharon highly enough. Her communication was fantastic, keeping me posted all the way along the process and her attention to detail is flawless! Thank you again!”

19 August 2020

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