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Photographs of your bouquet on your wedding day

Your wedding day can go by in a blur of excitement, with little time to stop and really take in everything around you. This is where a good photographer is worth his/her weight in gold.  Capturing all those details and fleeting moments that make your day special and keeping them for you to enjoy for years to come.

When thinking about the images you want your photographer to take, don’t forget to include a few close-ups of your bridal bouquet. They will show the beautiful details of the flowers you specifically chose for your bouquet.

If your bouquet is made from real flowers the best time would be early in the day whilst the flowers are still fresh and undamaged or wilted. Of course, if you choose an artificial flower bouquet it will look beautiful all day long!

Although I take all my own bouquet photos for my website, I wanted a professional’s opinion on taking photographs of a bridal bouquet on the actual wedding day. So I contacted Matt, from Passion 4 Photos, who has many years experience taking beautiful photos of weddings around the south west, and a jolly nice chap too! We had a lovely chat about photographing  bridal bouquets. And the wildlife around his home area which also happens to be where my husband and I own a small piece of woodland!

Fortunately, Matt had time to photograph one of my bouquets at his home to illustrate his style. Showing how he personalises an image and how different compositions highlight the flowers.

“Ideally, I will carefully take the bridal bouquet to photograph when it first arrives.”  Matt told me. “Maybe whilst the bride is busy with the first stages of her makeup, when she doesn’t want to be photographed!”

“When photographing things like bouquets, shoes, details etc. I always try to find some nice light and cool backgrounds. I like textures and patterns.”

Wedding bouquet on stone floor

Bridal bouquet in dappled shade

Silk bouquet on wooden floor“And incorporate personal things into the photo. It could be jewellery, a photo of the couple, lace detail of the dress, etc.” Here he placed the bouquet on a tree stump with a romantic heart, and next to a cute little hedgehog. Not a real hedgehog, though he does rehabilitate them and has three young ones in his garage!

Bouquet with personal item

With a mixed colour bouquet such as this, a simple background is most effective. But even with a cluttered background Matt took a beautiful photo, cropping it close and reducing the depth of field to isolate the bouquet from the background.

cooper floral design wedding bouquet

Your beautiful bouquet is an important part of your special day and worthy of a photo or two all by itself. Choose a simple background and let the flowers shine. 

Many thanks to Matt for his time and taking such super photos of my bouquet.

Matt photographs weddings, micro-weddings and elopements in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. His photos tend to lean towards being as natural as possible and he loves to bring the countryside, scenery and flowers into his photos. Of course there are oodles of beautiful images on Matt’s website and full details on how to contact him.

16 September 2020

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