Sunflowers and maple leaves

The best of both worlds – fresh flowers and artificial foliage

While I was pondering the attraction of fresh flowers compared to artificial flowers in our homes, I had a couple of thoughts!

I like artificial flowers of course but the fact that they last forever isn’t always desirable. Personally I get a bit bored of the same silk flowers on my dinning room table after a few weeks. Even though they still look beautiful I fancy a change. Of course I have access to lots of different flowers and can quickly put a new arrangement together. But what about everybody else? Not many people have the room or desire to house multiple flower arrangements or boxes of different artificial stems.

So are fresh flowers the answer? Well, of course they are beautiful, and cheap in the supermarket, but they can lack interest. Just like everyone else I’m drawn to the colourful flowers displayed in the local supermarket whilst doing the weekly shop. The bunches of sunflowers at this time of year are especially tempting. But will five sunflower stems and a couple of Chrysanthemums make a beautiful arrangement?

If you have a garden you could pick a few pieces of foliage to add to the flowers. But what if you don’t have a garden to raid or the appropriate shrubs to trim? Well, a few artificial foliage stems could be the answer.

Sunflower arrangement with artificial leaves

Here I have added three artificial autumn Maple leaf stems to some fresh flowers. The arrangement has gone from a few simple flowers in a vase to an arrangement of interest and beauty.

Once the sunflowers have died the artificial Maple stems can then be kept for another day. Below is a different colour scheme. Picking up on the autumn theme of the leaves I have added some Michaelmas daisies from the garden with a couple of white Chrysanthemum stems. A new look for very little cost or effort!

Artificial leaves with white daisiesThe Maple stems are easy to store flat in a draw for another day and will last for many years if displayed out of direct sunlight. See more table arrangement ideas on my Artificial Table Arrangements page.

8th October 2020

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