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My own small wedding!

The current tight restrictions on the number of guests you can invite to your wedding has reminded me of my own small wedding. Back in the dim and distant past when I was too vain to wear my glasses and my husband had hair!

We actually chose to have a small wedding reception of only eighteen of our closest family. Admittedly we didn’t have the awful worry of Covid-19, social distancing and wearing face masks. But the idea of a large reception of people we hardly knew just didn’t appeal to us. I only had one bridesmaid, my sister and my husband’s cousin was his best man. The small number of guests also allowed us (my parents!) the luxury of a beautiful four star venue.

church wedding

Our ceremony was held in my parents village church, as was traditional in those days. We especially chose 11.30am to get married so we could have our reception at lunchtime, just like an extended family Sunday lunch. The tables were positioned in an open square so everyone could see each other. Although we followed the traditional seating positions for the head table it wasn’t set apart, just one side of the square. It was a lovely day, so intimate and personal. We shared our special day with those who meant the most to us.

My bouquet was a fully wired relaxed teardrop shape. Each flower was individually wired and taped to help keep it fresh, and then carefully bound into place. It was a beautiful bouquet of scented Freesias, spray Carnations and roses, mini orchids, Alstroemeria, Gypsophila and wispy ferns. It must have taken the florist many hours to make, but that was how it was done in the 1980s.

1980s wedding

This was way before silk flowers were as beautiful and realistic as they are today. So I didn’t think twice about having anything other than fresh flowers. When it was time to leave for our honeymoon I left my bouquet at my parents house. It was put in the cool downstairs cloakroom and I naively thought it would still be fine when we returned a week later. I’m not sure why I was so surprised and heart broken that it had died and been disposed of. If only they had been artificial flowers!

Maybe one day I should try and make a replica bouquet for myself.

Sorry for the poor quality of the images, my scanner didn’t like our textured wedding photographs – no digital cameras in the good old days 🙁

22 October 2020

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