Are my paper flowers compostable? YES!!!

Being made from 100% natural materials, it might seem obvious that my paper flowers would be compostable. But in the name of science and curiosity, I thought I would experiment with one.

paper flowers are compostable

So a few months ago, I took a tissue paper rose and securely tied a length of thick plastic string to it (left image). I then placed it on my home compost pile and attached the string to the top.

Over the months the pile grew with garden and household waste. But the vegetation was also breaking down, by all the worms and organisms, taking the rose and string with it. By the time the pile needed turning four months later the string was nearly at the bottom (centre image).

After a hot half hour forking the vegetation/compost from one bin to another, I finally reach the end of the string. I was very careful not to damage any remains of the rose as I uncovered the string. But the rose head and stem had completely disappeared just leaving a small stump within the plastic knot (right image).I wasn’t surprised, but still very pleased to see the paper flower had turned into compost. I wouldn’t say my compost making is brilliant, so if the flowers break down in mine they certainly will in yours!

It’s lovely to be able to create beautiful paper flowers that have a long life. But also knowing that they will easily return to nature when no longer needed is wonderful.

15 July 2021

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