Deep pink dye and something delicious for dinner!

pink paper peony flower

I have found real pink dye a hard colour to achieve with natural plants. Pear tree bark produces a lovely peachy colour but it’s not really pink. Pondering what is really pink and in season at the moment, beetroot came to mind. So I boiled a few and made a batch of deep pink dye. And something delicious for dinner!

Now the crunch! What colour would it dye the paper, if at all? Well it didn’t really dye the paper, it was more of a colouring like paint. It didn’t matter how long the paper was in the dye bath it came out the same shade. But what a colour it was! Wow, definitely pink!

A pink as bright as this could only be for one flower – a peony! So with my new pink paper I set about designing a new flower to go with it. I often find real peonies are a little large for a bridal bouquet, so I decided to make mine a fraction smaller. Here is the first paper peony flower, with many more to come.

12 August 2021

Posted in Dyes.