New box inner to hold bouquet

new box inner

I’m so excited to see that my new box inner to hold a bouquet works beautifully.

The main difficulty when placing a delicate bouquet in a box is that it can’t be easily wrapped and any movement against the sides will potentially damage it.

After much head scratching and cardboard folding I have finally designed a new, and unique, way to hold a bouquet. The inner holds the bouquet securely in the centre of the box with no extra packing. It looks professional and allows the client to easily remove the bouquet. So I can now send bouquets safely in the post to anywhere in the UK.

The cardboard inner is secured to the inside of the box with paper tape. And the bouquet and buttonhole are attached with natural twine. No plastic tape or glue are used, so the whole box is fully recyclable.

The video shows the box already open and how the inner folds down to allow access to the secured bouquet. When the box is shut the inner also pinches the bouquet tight. And the buttonhole is securely tied to the platform.

As an experiment, this box and bouquet took a little trip to Manchester and back. The bouquet was in perfect condition after each journey, with no damage at all to the dried or paper flowers. Thank you Royal Mail!

18 August 2021

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