Paper flowers in the rain

So how will your paper flowers react to a little of the wet stuff? Well, the same as you really – the heavier the rain the more bedraggled everyone will look. Which is never a good look for a wedding!

Many venues offer the choice of holding your ceremony and reception outside if the weather is nice and dry. But as the British weather is so unpredictable, even in the summer, the chances of a little rain on your wedding day is unfortunately not out of the question. Even if you have decided to hold your event inside, you might just risk popping out for a few photos between the showers.

To determine just how much is too much, I conducted a little unscientific experiment. Using a couple of paper flowers, dried grasses and a fern leaf as my guinea pigs.

We had an ideal day to start the experiment last week, a really damp foggy morning. So out the guinea pigs went to sit in the garden (first image left).

paper flowers in the fog

After an hour and a half in the damp air the dried grasses and fern looked unchanged. The Alstroemeria look the same except the stamen were a little flat. The rose also looked basically unchanged except the petals were a little relaxed, the curled edges flat (second image right). Both flowers looked a little more translucent but their colours didn’t change/run.

Once dry the rose petals regained their curl and both flowers were opaque again.
The next test was to mimic a few drops of light rain by flicking water onto the flowers and foliage. This didn’t have any negative effects and they all remained looking the same (third image left).

paper flower in the rain

The final test was a little extreme and something no bride would want to happen. Get caught in a downpour – or in this case a quick dip under the shower! Not surprisingly, the flowers didn’t like it either. The Alstroemeria totally collapsed under the deluge as did the outer rose petals (fourth image right). The dried grasses looked unaffected, but the fern leaf partially turned brown.

So the conclusion from this experiment is, if you don’t like it, neither will your paper flowers! But on a more serious note it is great to know that your flowers will still look beautiful, even if you have to make a quick dash in the drizzle!

25 November 2021

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