dried grasses

Dried foliage and seed heads

Locally foraged woodland fern leaves and wild grasses

I love the texture that dried foliage and grasses add to a bouquet or arrangement of beautiful paper flowers. Ferns add movement with their curled leaves and delicate grass heads gently sway as a bouquet is carried.

ferns in the woods
dried woodland fern

Living in the lovely Somerset countryside and owning a small patch of woodland gives me lots of opportunities to forage for wild foliage.

The cool damp woodland has many different types of ferns including the evergreen Hard Fern above. I only pick the old leaves, just a couple from each plant, so no harm is done to the plant. They dry really well, keeping their colour and form nicely. After their initial drying in the gentle breeze in the woods I take them home to dry indoors ready to add to bouquets and arrangements.

I’m also in the process of experimenting with verge grasses, to see how well they dry and last. There are many interesting varieties along our local lanes.

verge grasses
green timothy grass sketch
verge grasses drying

Garden grown foliage and grasses

I’m attempting to grow some annual ornamental grasses myself this year and look forward to harvesting them in the autumn.

My own garden isn’t large enough to grow giant grasses such as Pampas or bamboo. But luckily I have friends nearby how do and are happy for me to have their trimmings.

bamboo and pampas grass

British grown grasses

For the grasses that I can’t grow, forage or up-cycle myself, such as the lovely Canary grasses below, I will source them from British growers.

british grown canary grass
green bamboo sketch