Paper flower journal

A new year and an exciting new venture!

Like many people, my thoughts and life style choices have been changing, I want to try and be more environmentally friendly in everything I do.

I have been thinking about moving away from mass produced artificial flowers for some time and 2020 gave me the final push I needed.

I also wanted to design and make the flowers myself, not to be restricted by wholesalers ranges and stock levels, to produce a truly handmade product.

So I’m starting my paper flower journey slowly, working out how to make the most realistic flowers, colour the paper with natural dyes and research eco friendly paper and materials for packaging.

It’s going to take a while before I’m ready to offer my flowers for sale but I hope you will enjoy following my journey.

paper rose

First rose of the year!

Before I start looking into and purchasing new eco friendly materials I have decided to do my experimenting and design practising with things I already have. So these first flowers are made from ordinary florists white tissue paper and glued with PVA adhesive. The petals and leaves are coloured with natural plant dyes, but the leaves are also painted with an extra watercolour wash to make them a darker green.

yellow paper roses

pale yellow paper roses

13 January 2021